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Imodium a-d tablets
Interactions with other drugs and alcohol: Imodium a-d tablets There are reports of Imodium drug interactions with drugs that have similar pharmacological properties. In children with Imodium not simultaneously used drugs having inhibitory effects on the CNS. The simultaneous use of loperamide hydrochloride in a dose of 16 mg and P-glycoprotein inhibitors (ritonavir, quinidine) caused an increase in the blood concentration of loperamide 2-3. The clinical relevance of this pharmacokinetic interaction when using the drug Imodium at the recommended doses (2-16 mg) has not been established. It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages while using Imodium medication. Imodium a-d tablets The drug is not administered in the period of lactation. Imodium prescribed with caution during pregnancy. COMPOSITION AND PROPERTIES: Active substance: Loperamide. Product form: Capsules, 2 mg; Number 6, number 20. Pharmachologic effect:
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