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Immodium tablets
Analogues of drugs To the drug "Imodium" absolutely not appropriate or cause side effects, while using its analogs, which include such drugs as capsules "Lopedyum", "Loperamide", "Stoperan" and tablets "Uzara." Immodium tablets Despite having analogues should be understood that they may also not be appropriate to specific groups of patients. Diarrhea often the result of non-compliance with the rules of hygiene. Do not use dirty fruits and vegetables, wash your hands often, less worry over trifles - and your gut will not fail you. Immodium tablets But children from diarrhea, and bloating disbacteriosis recommended treated strictly under medical supervision, particularly if the age of the child less than six years. Often it is very difficult to define the problem of child intestinal disorders only external symptoms. To be sure of proper treatment, should be tested. Only then can affect the problem fundamentally related products. Linking to other medicines are not appropriate. This is the opinion of specialists, you want to listen.
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