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How much is imodium
Contraindications medicine Attached to the drug "Imodium" instruction, feedback young mothers and pregnant women indicate that you can not take these drugs during gestation and the implementation of breastfeeding. How much is imodium Currently not assigned to drug and patients who have clearly expressed intolerance components contained in the composition of the drug. Unacceptable use of medicine "Imodium" in cases of acute dysentery when there are such symptoms as fever and bleeding with bowel movements. Not allowed this medication for acute ulcerative colitis, bacterial enterocolitis and constipation. In addition, no suitable means of "Imodium" those who can not tolerate lactose. As one of the side effects after taking the drug are sleepy state is unacceptable in the treatment and prevention of sensitive control problems by any mechanism. This means taken with caution by people with abnormal liver function. How much is imodium Highlights the use of the drug "Imodium" The interaction of the drugs with other medicines are not known. But its reception along with analogues containing in its composition loperamide, may cause complications.
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