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How much does imodium cost
Pharmachologic effect: Imodium - antidiarrhoeal drug having prolonged effect. How much does imodium cost The active substance Imodium - Loperamide - in the intestinal wall binds to opiate receptors. This results in the suppression of release of acetylcholine and prostaglandin. As a result - reduced propulsive peristalsis, increasing the ability of the intestinal wall to the fluid absorption and the passage of the contents of the intestines. In addition, loperamide hydrochloride enhances the tone of the anal sphincter, allowing stool better kept, and the urge to defecate reduced. Loperamide hydrochloride is a highly specific substance to the intestinal wall. Loperamide limited amount reaches the systemic circulation almost does not penetrate the BBB (blood brain barrier). How much does imodium cost Storage conditions: Temperature Storage Imodium medication regime - below 25 ° C. Keep Imodium out of the reach of children. Similar in the active substance
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